Luna Rossa Carbon, the new fragrance for men from PRADA. Strong as the darkest rock, with the freshness of air, it brings together steam-distilled botanicals and synthetics in a mineral-forward mix: metallic notes of Lavender, green Citrus of Vert de Bergamote from Italy, radiant Wood of Patchouli and dry Amber of Ambroxan.prada for men
Engineered as much as designed, the bottle for Prada Luna Rossa Carbon develops the visual themes of the Prada Luna Rossa line, but using radically different materials. It has the visual depth of slate, coal or jet, but with complex textures. The base of the bottle is presented in the richest of blacks; light absorbing, with a soft organic-velvet texture. The glass is both black and transparent, something that appears pure, as if mined, but also refined and perfected by advanced technology. The distinctive red stripe of Prada is cut into the façade of the glass by fastidious technique; it is architectural and immediate, bringing balance to the form.


Any men out there tried it yet?

Its been a while…..!

omg-itsbeenawhileHello bloggers its been a while since my last post (long story wont bore you all) however I am happy to say I am back and ready to roll…!

I have been road testing quite a lot of products over the past year and I have so many exciting views to share with you all, I am also branching out my blogging skills into electrical beauty and home-ware so be sure to check out my next blog on the hoover wars….DYSON Verses Shark.

I will be spending the rest of my bank holiday Monday reading through all your messages and checking out your new posts.

Thank you all for your continued support of my work it means a lot.

Stay beautiful


Donna x


Mother-of-The-Bride… there is a phrase that makes me smile and panic at the same time…yes its that time in a mother’s life when her daughter announces her forthcoming nuptials….first emotion obviously tears…followed closely by panic at the thoughts of shopping for your Mother of the bride outfit and making sure you don’t look like mutton dressed as lamb (northern term)

So my journey searching for dresses/suits etc….began , trawling through website after website looking for that all important one that just jumps out at you saying “I am The One you are looking for” and although I did see a few that I loved, there really wasn’t anything that felt like it was ‘The One’ …until my fairy-godmother appeared in the form of the very beautiful & very elegant Jan Dyment owner at Jantino boutique  in the West Midlands UK.

Jan’s boutique has been dressing the mother of the bride since 1988, and the designers she stocks are the best in the business.

Jan came to my rescue with exactly the design/color that I wanted, the suit is by Designer John Charles, and the second I saw it on the Jantino website I knew it was ‘The One’

The outfit is in soft coral, the jacket has 3/4 sleeves and the dress is a wiggle style dress with a beautiful lace overlay. and to top it all off the fabulous hat (I am smiling as I write this) I have finally found THE ONE …..and I cannot thank Jan enough at Jantino, she sent me so many different designs from her vast stock and when we found this one it was like the gates of heaven opened and the harps started playing !

If you are looking for a special something for either a wedding/races/garden party/Red carpet event…then you can be assured that Jan at Jantino will have what you are looking for, and the service Jan gives is outstanding, nothing is too much trouble for her just as long as she gives her clients what they want and they are happy.

Thank you so much Jan , please look out for the wedding blog at the end of September this year , where you will see my beautuful daughter and of course my Mother-Of-The-Bride ensemble thanks to you!

Visit Jan’s website to browse her collection of breathtaking outfits

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So what woman does not have a secret shoe addiction….?

From as early as 2 years of age my shoe addiction started, my mum took me shopping one day to a local market in Widnes and as I passed a stall selling shoes my little eyes lit up and my dinky Donna hands reached out grabbed a cute little white strappy cork heeled summer sandal and I sat with it in my pram clutching on for dear life I can see the vision as clear as day…and all the time Mum had no idea until we got home and she lifted me out of the pram revealing exhibit A the stolen sandal ! Mum was mortified and immediately went back to the market stall and explained to the stall holder what I had done, and in true mum style instead of just handing back the stolen shoe she asked for the other one and bought them for me (probably due to the fact I was throwing a strop at the idea of her handing my Cinderella shoe over, so it was her way of getting me to shut the hell up!) and so my shoe addiction was born…..!

Over the years that addiction has grown, and anyone that knows me will back this up especially my sister Jeanette * who generally gets a handful of shoes from me every month along with a rack of cothes when I have a wardrobe organizing day, so what some see as an addiction I see as recycling  (to make room for more shoes haha!)

So with all of this in mind you can imagine my sheer delight when I saw a pair of Dior heels on eBay and the starting price was £0.99p …my bid was cast and I had to wait a whole 48hrs to see if I was in with a chance of winning these fabulous heels…

No one was bidding as the hours ticked away and I was having hot flushes every time I logged in to see if cinders had won her glass slippers…

The 48hrs rang in and …….I won them ! I was thrilled and couldn’t believe my luck.

Cl23_ltWYAASNF5The shoes arrived yesterday in their original Dior shoe box, I carefully unwrapped the box to reveal my perfectly wrapped almost brand new Dior heels! they really were like new, not a mark on them, black leather with the classic Dior point toe with Dior metalwork across the front (I was in shoe Heaven) I slipped my diddy size 3 feet into the shoes (danced around my bedroom in them lol) took a few adoring pictures as you do ! and then wrapped them back up and put them away for the next time I want to dance around the bedroom in a pair of designer heels hehe!

My shoe addiction continues and I think you will agree these are the hottest heels and all for the princely sum of £0.99p !

And on that note I will leave you all to drool over the pictures….after which I urge you all to head on over to eBay and grab yourself a designer bargain!

Have you had any great success stories from your eBay purchases?


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Stay Beautiful  xx




Once in a while a brand comes along that not many people have heard of and because most of us are set in our ways we are reluctant to try out new things am I right?

Well let me tell you about INNARAH , this unique brand has been researched for decades by one of the worlds leading chemists resulting in a product range infused with natural botanicals, minerals and oils that have been sourced from every corner of the world to help ladies/gents against the age process…Impressed so far? (you should be)

I was very kindly asked would I try some of their products and of course as a lover of all things beauty and skin care I jumped at the chance.

CmGQGsaWQAAHRg0I was sent J02 Hyper-Oxygenated clarifying moisture cream, Veno defense Eye treatment serum, Line treatment smoothing serum and Veno defense treatment cream

FullSizeRender (95)

Lets start with the packaging, I think we can all agree its pretty special, its Eco friendly and I love the simplicity of it.

I first used the Eye Treatment serum, consistency as you would expect very fluid and super absorbent into the delicate skin around my eyes, then I followed with the line treatment serum on my face and decollete…same consistency and my skin just soaked it in like a sponge, no greasy residue just a very comfortable balanced skin, I finished on day one with the Veno defense treatment cream ……IMG_5276this I absolutely love, on contact with my skin it just glided on and totally balanced out what usually can be oily in parts and dry in others, not with this little pot of magic… skin felt amazing after just one application.

None of this skin care has any particular fragrance to it, just a hint of the natural ingredients that are infused in each product.

So off I go to bed having had my INNARAH pampering and when I wake although can’t see any difference I cant most certainly feel it…my skin in the morning is usually quite oily but not today, it is perfectly balanced and feels incredible, like it used to in my twenties (long time ago)

The benefits of the Veno Defense treatment cream are pretty impressive:

  • Luxurious, ultra-rich, hydrating formula
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Shields skin from the damaging effects of environmental aggressors and UV damage
  • Delays the aging of essential skin cells
  • Instantly smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens skin
  • Reduces redness

My morning skin care ritual mirrored last nights apart from the Veno Defense, I swapped this for the J02 clarifying moisture cream, this cream has a thicker consistency that the Veno Defense and like all the other products has very little fragrance, I am unsure if it was just me or it was meant to happen but on applying it instantly felt like it was tightening my skin (and it looked like it had too!) result! IMG_5277

The benefits of J02 clarifying moisture cream:

  • Brings essential oxygen to oxygen depleted skin.
  • Decongests skin after daily sunscreen use.
  • Brightens and even skin tone.
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots due to sun exposure, acne scars, and hyper-pigmentation.

Obviously its early days using INNARAH but I can honestly say I am super impressed with this brand so far and really feel its the kind of product range that would sit really well in a luxury spa/salon as their treatment range.

I would highly recommend this brand, and although some may find it a little pricey, I always say you get what you pay for….INNARAH delivers powerful results so the price reflects this 100%

have you tried INNARAH and if so what are your thoughts?

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Check out the full product range here:





nano one

The lovely people at @WhiteWashLabs sent me this wonderful collection of high performance whitening products to road test and review.

I think the first thing I would like to mention is the packaging….OMG I love the simplicity of it, it looks very premium and certainly a collection I would double take on when out shopping, and I love that they sent the collection all packed beautifully in a white organza drawstring pouch…(points scored immediately for presentation!)

I have been using the collection now for a few weeks, and although I have an electric toothbrush I put it to one side to take full advantage of the products I was sent , so I have been using the whitelabs one.

I have been flossing , then using the mouthwash and then finishing with the whitening toothpaste, and unlike some whitening pastes there is no sensitivity, just a pleasant minty taste that on contact has a slight warming effect!

FullSizeRender (94)I noticed a lift in color almost immediately , and after a few weeks of continued use I can honestly say I am thrilled with the results and will now be ordering some more…..this is now my preferred dental health collection and I would recommend it highly, and I think more dental clinics and surgeries should stick it so it is readily available to all ! before and after teeth

So what do Whitelabs say about their fabulous floss….

Nano Micro-Riser® Expanding floss is made of a soft micro-fibre thread which expands between teeth due to the mechanical action of flossing. We have Enamel Repair Technology© (nano-hydroxyapatite) alongside naturally occurring xylitol which gives it an anti-bacterial action.It is the only clinically tested floss; removing up to 40% more plaque compared to other flosses. This high performance floss even works in cases of xerostomia (dry mouth).

The Mouthwash 


WhiteWash Nano Whitening Mouthwash has been developed by UK dentists and uses Enamel Repair Technology© to help whiten and remineralise teeth. The advanced complex helps to reduce tooth sensitivity and create a radiant sheen on teeth. The addition of naturally occurring xylitol inhibits bacterial plaque formation preventing acid attacks.

The Whitening Toothpaste


WhiteWash Nano Whitening Toothpaste has been developed by UK dentists and contains a multi-active whitening complex with advanced Enamel Repair Technology© to help whiten and remineralise teeth. A combination of special micro-polishers remove surface stains whilst the Enamel Repair Technology© helps to repair teeth, reduce sensitivity and create a radiant sheen on teeth. The addition of naturally occurring xylitol inhibits bacterial plaque formation preventing acid attacks.


I wonder if they do whitening strips??? hmm if they do I think they will be my next dental review.

Follow them on Twitter @WhiteWashLabs and visit their website to shop all things bright and white for a Hollywood smile!

Have you used this brand and what were your thoughts and results?


There is nothing better than spending time with your girly pals (and daughters!) but whats even better is when you all spend it together at a luxury spa for the weekend!t shrt time !

Saturday 4th June 9.15am and I meet my daughters/ granddaughter /sister/ nieces/ new soon to be in-laws and friends at Wetherspoons in Widnes for my youngest daughters Spa hen weekend at the very beautiful Thornton Hall hotel and Spa.

The hens were all clucking raring to go…sipping on champagne and tucking into a hearty breakfast, the selfies were in full flow.

My daughter Tanya (The Bride To Be) was radiant and I have not seen her look as happy, parading round in her mock veil and tiara complete with sceptre (she is my princess after-all) we all had matching pink T-shirts displaying the obligatory hen text…and we couldn’t wait to get o the mini bus to take us to our heavenly spa destination.the bride to be

Paul Roberts our chauffeur for the journey picked us up ahead of time (great service Paul from AR Travel)  and he had very kindly decorated our ride with banners and balloons (Thank Paul & Amanda at AR Travel you guys give the best service) bus decorated

We all boarded and headed off to Thornton Hall, 5 minutes in and my niece Kerry handed out Hen party bags filled with various funnies (can’t tell you what they were its a family blog lol!).

We arrived at Thornton Hall checked in and was whisked straight off with Tanya, my other daughter Katy and my granddaughter Fraier to the spa for a Rasual Mud bath.

The treatment was incredible, we slathered on a pink mud that smelt of fresh red berries, we waited for it to dry and then had to sit in the steam room (I couldn’t stand the heat so I just did the mud drying and then showered it off) Tanya, Katy and Fraier had a ball in the steam room and the laughter emerging from it made momma bear smile to see how happy my girls were, and the sudden realization that my youngest is now a lady with a great career and soon to have a wonderful husband (Kleenex moment!)

So after our mud rasul treatment we donned our fluffy bath robes and matching slippers and headed out to join the rest of the hens in the gardens of Thornton hall…..and OMG what stunning gardens they are, perfectly manicured and the fact we picked the hottest weekend to date this year it really couldn’t be more perfect if we tried.hen chilling in the sun

Drinks are now flowing, food ordered and the rest of the hens were taking their turns in the spa for their treatments.

It really was a scorching day and we all headed over to the outdoor Jacuzzi and sun loungers for cocktails and lots of giggles, and when it got too hot we went and had a swim in the spa pool …although Tanya cooled off in the Ice Cave complete with shovel for snow and a red-hot bikini !

It was so nice to see each and every one us during the course of the day completely unwind and to see how much Effort had gone into the planning of the entire weekend, thanks to Katy (maid of honor) and also some help from my niece Kerry too, Tanya was just beaming all day it really was the best time spent with the best people.

As evening approached Katy had arranged for us all to have a slumber party (pj’s only !) with a delicious buffet and copious amounts of cocktails and party games.

sisters 004

Sisters in slumberland

The night was filled with laughter , dancing , great food and great company, by 11pm me and my sister (not very rock n roll) said our good-nights and went off to our lovely hotel room for the best sleep I have had in years….I may have to live there planning ahead haha!

Around midnight we heard the rest of the hens passing our window still laughing still enjoying the night and it made me smile 😎 a mum is only happy when she knows her children are happy…this was for sure one of those special times.

My and my sister Jeanette woke early (nothing new there then!) showered dressed and off to meet the hens for breakfast before our ride and the sis

Breakfast was served in the most beautiful room…decadent , elegant and steeped in history, yes the breakfast was amazing but I was more impressed by my surroundings.

Tanya the bride to be entered the breakfast room glowing , she looked beautiful as always followed by my eldest daughter and granddaughter who looked as equally radiantsisiters 002

The whole weekend I can honestly say was the best ever and we all laughed so much our sides ached, we just didn’t want it to end…but the best is yet to come…THE WEDDING is on the 18th September at Crewe Hall and we are soooo excited for the next chapter.

Our driver Paul from AR Travel arrived again ahead of time (we like this 1st class service no waiting around) and we all boarded for the joinery home after what has been the perfect Hen weekend for my babygirl ahead of her wedding to the man of her Dreams Paul Shone.

Till next time folks …hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Next stop the WEDDING !!!!

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